Managing Your Today and Achieving Your Tomorrow

An innovative, results-driven approach to asset management.

The foundation of any successful asset management strategy begins with a disciplined and experience-based approach. At Law & Associates, we understand that every client has their own tolerance for risk. We work collaboratively with you to develop a customized asset management plan that considers investment time horizons and employs a systematic strategy to help mitigate risk and optimize returns. Our rigorous, four-step portfolio construction process is designed to align your portfolio with your own unique investment goals and objectives.

With a history of trusted market research, industry-leading experience and unparalleled expertise, you have the confidence in knowing that our investment philosophy and portfolio construction process is focused on adding value. The cornerstone of Law & Associates’ over 40 years of success is our approach to building customized asset management portfolios. It’s a responsibility we wholeheartedly embrace and drives our passion on a daily basis.

Our Four-Step Portfolio Construction Process

Investment Planning Questionnaire
Our comprehensive asset management process begins with the completion of a detailed questionnaire. This tool gives us a better understanding of how your risk tolerance aligns with your short and long-term goals and investment objectives.

Building Portfolios
With retirement nearly at your doorstep, paying careful attention to your finances becomes even more important. Now is the optimal time to assess where you stand with your goal planning. During this stage, we re-evaluate previous retirement planning goals, assumptions and risk tolerance.

Investment Selection
We leverage internal and external research and expertise to identify specific investment selections. Other considerations during portfolio construction include current market climates as well as forward-thinking expectations for markets around the world.

Portfolio Review
Through our continual portfolio monitoring process, your plan will be held accountable to its goals and objectives.  As your life needs and circumstances change, our team will work with you to make recommendations to realign and rebalance your portfolio.

“It’s our passion to provide our clients with the confidence that we are helping to build and protect their assets with an ever-watchful eye.”

Janice Henderson, CFP®
Chair/CEO, Law & Associates
Branch Manager, RJFS